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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The simple Golf swing

The people find that golf is a sport complex.
 However, it's not really as complicated as you think it is.
In fact, in order to improve in the sport, all you have to do is make sure you know the golf swing fundamental basis.
 You can ask anyone who's been playing golf that in order to do well, your golf swing basic fundamentals just have to be top-notch.
As soon as you can swing well, you are going to be able to get the ball where you want it.
 If you've ever wondered by people like Tiger Woods can hit the ball so far, the reason is that they've been practicing for years to make sure they've got their golf swing basic fundamentals perfect.
This article in short is on the top 5 essential golf swing basics that you should know.
 Master them, and then you'll be hitting like a pro.
Basic Golf Swing Tip 1: Think about your swing start before you even step into your position. 
 You should be considering the mental part of the game, many beginners don't do this, and it causes them to hit the ball into the pond or woods.
This is make a mental map of the area, picture a certain point, you would like to hit the ball at.
 Concentrate on hitting it towards that area.
Chances are, if you are just starting out, you may not be able to do this at first.
 But as you get more experienced, your shots will be more accurate and then this golf swing basic fundamental will become essential.
Remember to keep your mental focus, and reach the target.

Golf Swing Basic Tip #2: You should consider how to hold the golf grip on your club.
If you find that the grip is too loose, then you are probably not holding it properly.
 You may end up slicing the ball.
If you find that the grip is too tight, you may snap at the ball ending with a hook

 You have to experiment to find the proper grip level for yourself.
Make sure you hold the golf grip correctly.
 If you're using an interlocking, overlapping, or ten finger grip, make sure that you're holding it right.
Experiment with this and fnd the right method for you.

Golf Swing Basic Tip #3: A big mistake that many new players make is in their backswing: they just casually raise the club for the backswing.
If you do this, then you are likely to have to correct it on the way back and you will not hit the ball well.

 When you do your backswing, you should be twisting your body.
If you do this, the energy stored in muscles as a potential energy.
 When the downswing comes, all of your potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, which transfers to the ball and sends it flying.
Like I said, it is necessary to turn the body to produce a dynamic Hit.
 Then as you're winding up, next comes the backswing.
Basic Golf Swing Tip 4: To get a good back swing, make sure that your entire movement is 100% smooth.
 Your backswing is more essential for hitting the ball further, but when you're going in for the down swing, make sure you bring your club's head downwards swiftly.
Remember that only the arms and upper body swing should do, not your wrists and hands! Basic Golf Swing Tip 5: Keep the pivoting motion to be carried out properly in conjunction with the basic golf swing tips 3 and 4.
 As I said before, your upper body movement has to be correct - if you're right handed, then your left shoulder and hips have to be aligned correctly as your weight is being transferred to your right foot (vice versa for left-handed people).
Remember to keep your entire move quickly and smoothly.

Just keep all five of these important golf swing basic fundamentals in your head as you're playing.
Keep a calm mind and stay focused - you will eventually master it after a while.
 Follow these golf swing basic fundamentals and you'll notice your strokes dropping in no time
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