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Thursday, 5 May 2011

5 keys to long distance golf driving

Golfers of all ages and sizes obsess on getting more distance, and out driving their foursome.
But as the great sarcastic proverb says, "The woods are full of truck drivers''.
I'm not saying I know something you do not already know, but it bears repeating at a distance, without the precision is nearly useless.
 Of course unless you are the errant Tiger Woods, (is his last name a twist of fate)?, or another long driving golf pro who can fly the golf ball over the trees.
So how can the average golfer gain more distance and improve your accuracy? - First, get in shape.
 Exercise with weights and stretch and perform yoga to increase your flexibility.
The agile and strong and fit you become, the more running length is for unity.

- Next, check your Grip.
To be precise, weakened slightly, so that curves to the right by rotation of the two hands are a little counter-clockwise.
 The thumbs almost running straight down the golf shaft.
Your hands lay relaxed until the impact of the golf ball  thats when you hit.
 For distance, strengthen your grip a little bit, by turning your right hand under the shaft in a clockwise direction, and your left hand clockwise as well.
- Expand your position where the heels are directly under your shoulders.
 This gives you a more stable base to hit against.
It is more likely to swing the golf club with accuracy, returning the club head on the back of the golf ball for full contact, it will be strengthened rather alot.

- Position the golf ball to the front of your stance, off of the left heel, and tee it up high, especially if you are using a 460 cc headed driver.
Think about swinging in the sky at the time of impact.

- BackSwing: While keeping your base stable,(lower body), in a one piece motion sweep the club head up and back keeping your swing arc wide with a rather stiff left arm.
If your lower body remains stable and does not rule out the plane of the swing, then your back swing is in compact with the addition of travel, distances are far more to be the club head speed and straight stronger and more accurate shooting.

- Downswing: Do not rush the movement down.
Let the club head rotate the golf ball.
 Let it gather speed and reach its maximum acceleration at the bottom of your swing, (where it matters), not at the top where most of its power would be dissipated.

My Best Tip for hitting it long and straight: Concentrate on the downswing on not letting the left shoulder open up too soon.
We are in a hurry to see the results that we punish ourselves,even looking for the ball before we have even hit it. our left shoulder is our desired level of vibration. 

If you are really serious about improving your distance and accuracy big time, I highly recommend you getting your hands on some sort of swing plane training device.

This information below comes from Eric Jones the World Long Driving Champion.
Enjoy.<a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a>

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