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Friday, 3 February 2012

New Golf Putter

Hi all, just a quick line to tell you all about a new golf putter I'm using at the moment.
I've only used this a few times and cannot believe what a big difference it's making to my putting.
I will tell you more after a few more rounds !!
Watch this space !! 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Some rules of Golf

The official rules of golf are regulated by the Royal and Ancient St..

 The United States Golf Association (USGA) is the game's governing body in the United States and Mexico.
Since 1952, the R  & A USGA  worked together to continually review, revise and clarify the rules of golf.
 The idea behind this is to have consistency for rules in golf, so that players all over the World can play with the same laws.
All the PGA golf pros should know every rule of golf or it can be very expensive for them.
 But for the casual golfer, there is normally not much need of going into some of the complicated golf club rules as regards to equipment specifications.
In this article, I will not go all the rules and regulations of golf, but we will see the label and golf rules made it easy for the average golfer or casual.
 Even if you are just playing for fun or if you occasionally enter local amateur golf tournaments, you will get more enjoyment out of the game if you know the more important basic golf rules.
Golf etiquette golf is still considered a "game manager", it is important to understand what behavior is frowned upon on the golf course.
 As golf is played without close supervision, it is up to the individual golfer to show integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship.
This is what is the rules of golf - is the spirit of golf.
 Here are some more specific golf etiquette rules:
* Safety - Don't swing your club when someone is standing nearby and could be hit by your club, ball, or some other object.
* Do not swing or hit your approach shot to the green, until the group is still far away from the green or left.

* When your ball is hit in the direction of someone and there is a danger that it may hit them, you are obliged to shout a warning such as "fore".
* If you lose the ball ,you will first play a provisional ball back from the tee.
 When looking for your ball, you should spend no more than five minutes doing so, and you should signal the group behind to play through if you are holding them up.
* Once the group has finished on the green, you should immediately leave, let the group behind to play.
 Don't fill in your scorecard on the green, wait until you are well clear of the green to do so.
* If the group is constantly playing slower than the group behind then they should play through
 You should always be ready to play your shot when it is your turn.
* Be considerate to other golfers - not to make noise, the projection of a shadow, or make movements when you are under their shots.

* Tending the pin - if you are nearest to the pin when another player is taking their putt, it is customary to tend the pin.
* After hitting a bunker, you should remove your footsteps rake and all other brands.
 In fact, golf etiquette dictates that you should leave the bunker in a better condition than you found it.
* On the green, you should remove the mark made when the ball landed with a pitch fork over another brand.

* You should always replace or fill in your divots on the fairway.
Basic rules of golf If you do not want to disturb your partner golf, you should learn the basics of the following: * Golf Club rules - the maximum number of clubs that will be allowed to play two with.
 There is nothing to say that you can't have two drivers or two different types of putter, just that the total number of clubs is limited to fourteen.
* Order of Play - The player who is first off the tees  Honour .
 In other words, the player who scored the lowest score on the previous hole.
Is this the first hole, you can choose among you, or toss a coin.
 On the fairway or green, the player who is furthest from the green or hole goes first.
* If the ball is in play  we should not touch or move until the ball is holed out.
 The exceptions being; on the green you can mark your ball to clean it before putting; when taking a drop, you have to lift your ball; or you have hit the ball out of bounds and you remove the ball.
* When removing from the fairway or rough or especially in the trees, branches and leaves from around the loose ball but the ball must not move when  doing it.

* When teeing off, you have to place the ball between the two markers and never in front of them.
You may be outside the teeing area to a ball that hit inside are, but you can not move if they are the markers in the way.

* When addressing the ball on the tee and the ball falls off, you may replace it without a penalty.
* On the green, you can remove all loose objects from your line of putt.

* When it is your turn to putt, you must wait until the previous player's ball has stopped moving.
* You will be punished if you hit the flag stick with the ball and putting on the green, but not from outside the green.

* If you hit your ball into a water hazard or out of bounds, you must play another ball from the designated drop zone or from a position any distance behind the hazard (including the original position of where your ball was) but no closer to the hole - you will be penalized a stroke.
These are some of the rules of golf is easy to understand for the casual player to get more joy out of the game and so there are no conflicts between players.

There are many more that you should learn to have a full understanding of the game.
You can download a PDF file of the R  & A Rules of Golf from their site and learn a few more each day.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

5 keys to long distance golf driving

Golfers of all ages and sizes obsess on getting more distance, and out driving their foursome.
But as the great sarcastic proverb says, "The woods are full of truck drivers''.
I'm not saying I know something you do not already know, but it bears repeating at a distance, without the precision is nearly useless.
 Of course unless you are the errant Tiger Woods, (is his last name a twist of fate)?, or another long driving golf pro who can fly the golf ball over the trees.
So how can the average golfer gain more distance and improve your accuracy? - First, get in shape.
 Exercise with weights and stretch and perform yoga to increase your flexibility.
The agile and strong and fit you become, the more running length is for unity.

- Next, check your Grip.
To be precise, weakened slightly, so that curves to the right by rotation of the two hands are a little counter-clockwise.
 The thumbs almost running straight down the golf shaft.
Your hands lay relaxed until the impact of the golf ball  thats when you hit.
 For distance, strengthen your grip a little bit, by turning your right hand under the shaft in a clockwise direction, and your left hand clockwise as well.
- Expand your position where the heels are directly under your shoulders.
 This gives you a more stable base to hit against.
It is more likely to swing the golf club with accuracy, returning the club head on the back of the golf ball for full contact, it will be strengthened rather alot.

- Position the golf ball to the front of your stance, off of the left heel, and tee it up high, especially if you are using a 460 cc headed driver.
Think about swinging in the sky at the time of impact.

- BackSwing: While keeping your base stable,(lower body), in a one piece motion sweep the club head up and back keeping your swing arc wide with a rather stiff left arm.
If your lower body remains stable and does not rule out the plane of the swing, then your back swing is in compact with the addition of travel, distances are far more to be the club head speed and straight stronger and more accurate shooting.

- Downswing: Do not rush the movement down.
Let the club head rotate the golf ball.
 Let it gather speed and reach its maximum acceleration at the bottom of your swing, (where it matters), not at the top where most of its power would be dissipated.

My Best Tip for hitting it long and straight: Concentrate on the downswing on not letting the left shoulder open up too soon.
We are in a hurry to see the results that we punish ourselves,even looking for the ball before we have even hit it. our left shoulder is our desired level of vibration. 

If you are really serious about improving your distance and accuracy big time, I highly recommend you getting your hands on some sort of swing plane training device.

This information below comes from Eric Jones the World Long Driving Champion.
Enjoy.<a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a>

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The simple Golf swing

The people find that golf is a sport complex.
 However, it's not really as complicated as you think it is.
In fact, in order to improve in the sport, all you have to do is make sure you know the golf swing fundamental basis.
 You can ask anyone who's been playing golf that in order to do well, your golf swing basic fundamentals just have to be top-notch.
As soon as you can swing well, you are going to be able to get the ball where you want it.
 If you've ever wondered by people like Tiger Woods can hit the ball so far, the reason is that they've been practicing for years to make sure they've got their golf swing basic fundamentals perfect.
This article in short is on the top 5 essential golf swing basics that you should know.
 Master them, and then you'll be hitting like a pro.
Basic Golf Swing Tip 1: Think about your swing start before you even step into your position. 
 You should be considering the mental part of the game, many beginners don't do this, and it causes them to hit the ball into the pond or woods.
This is make a mental map of the area, picture a certain point, you would like to hit the ball at.
 Concentrate on hitting it towards that area.
Chances are, if you are just starting out, you may not be able to do this at first.
 But as you get more experienced, your shots will be more accurate and then this golf swing basic fundamental will become essential.
Remember to keep your mental focus, and reach the target.

Golf Swing Basic Tip #2: You should consider how to hold the golf grip on your club.
If you find that the grip is too loose, then you are probably not holding it properly.
 You may end up slicing the ball.
If you find that the grip is too tight, you may snap at the ball ending with a hook

 You have to experiment to find the proper grip level for yourself.
Make sure you hold the golf grip correctly.
 If you're using an interlocking, overlapping, or ten finger grip, make sure that you're holding it right.
Experiment with this and fnd the right method for you.

Golf Swing Basic Tip #3: A big mistake that many new players make is in their backswing: they just casually raise the club for the backswing.
If you do this, then you are likely to have to correct it on the way back and you will not hit the ball well.

 When you do your backswing, you should be twisting your body.
If you do this, the energy stored in muscles as a potential energy.
 When the downswing comes, all of your potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, which transfers to the ball and sends it flying.
Like I said, it is necessary to turn the body to produce a dynamic Hit.
 Then as you're winding up, next comes the backswing.
Basic Golf Swing Tip 4: To get a good back swing, make sure that your entire movement is 100% smooth.
 Your backswing is more essential for hitting the ball further, but when you're going in for the down swing, make sure you bring your club's head downwards swiftly.
Remember that only the arms and upper body swing should do, not your wrists and hands! Basic Golf Swing Tip 5: Keep the pivoting motion to be carried out properly in conjunction with the basic golf swing tips 3 and 4.
 As I said before, your upper body movement has to be correct - if you're right handed, then your left shoulder and hips have to be aligned correctly as your weight is being transferred to your right foot (vice versa for left-handed people).
Remember to keep your entire move quickly and smoothly.

Just keep all five of these important golf swing basic fundamentals in your head as you're playing.
Keep a calm mind and stay focused - you will eventually master it after a while.
 Follow these golf swing basic fundamentals and you'll notice your strokes dropping in no time
Take a look at this link as it has knocked shots off my game and I'm hitting the ball much much better !!
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Monday, 2 May 2011

Putting Secrets Revealed

Here you will find a wealth of information online golf.
 Golf game tips online can be a great tool for any golfer since every golfer can use some improvement to his or her game, including professionals.
There will be a lot of advice from the online courses available to notice the variety of support are found on the Internet.
 There are message boards, listservs and blogs from many people willing to share some experiences, advice and tips from individuals golfing on courses all over the world.
There are some sites that are very specific golf tips to offer even the most experienced golfers appreciate.
 Just as he or she thought there was nothing else to learn about the game, websites and golf tip information online can quickly prove them wrong with many useful tips.
Many sites focus particularly on providing fans of the game with interesting stories, facts, news, and have only a few lines of the most popular golf tip.
 Some websites are designed to exclusively offer golfers videos and software to help improve their game.

You can gain some proven tips by professional golfers who may provide you with some practical ways to survive a game despite being under par.
If you are in the field have overcome the most difficult hole of your preferred course, these tips will make a huge difference, not only the route to watch the game, but also how to play and general execution of each stroke better.

You can learn essential and practical tips ranging from course etiquette to the mental and physical aspects of the game.
With so many public courses now available, along with the growing popularity of the game, everyone should try to play golf at least once.

Not only can you find tips online, you can also find a lot of golf course info for both beginners and professionals.
You can learn to play the best times in specific places, the cost of green fees and whether a particular course offers a selection of nine or eighteen holes.
 These tips will save you money, time and some possible headaches.
Search and purchase golf equipment can be an expensive part of the Golf.
 This is especially true for someonewho is not confident at golf.
Online golf tips can use information on the best golf equipment to buy or not, as well as the best shops in your area.
 Online tips can also provide specific information about techniques, the latest trends and how to save some money on quality, top-notch equipment and accessories.
With my blog comes a wealth of information so easily accessible, do not be surprised if your game improves dramatically.

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